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At the first thought of divorce, fear and turmoil often ensue

What will happen to my money & finances?

Who will have custody of my children?

What am I entitled to?

Am I suddenly alone in the world?

When divorce strikes, put the attorneys at Martin Grossbach, P.C. on your side.

First, with Martin Grossbach, P.C. you are never alone.
Second, we have the skills, experience and expertise to guide you as we navigate the issues and challenges that you will inevitably face in a divorce.

As your personal advocate our team will work to protect, defend and secure your interests with knowledge and compassion.

Most importantly, please keep in mind that divorce should be viewed, not as a dead end, but as a new beginning in your life.

With Martin Grossbach, P.C., you are never alone.
Attorneys serving Westchester, New York City and all surrounding areas.
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