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Estate Planning Basics: What You Should Know

Planning for what will happen to your assets and property upon your passing can be daunting and many people do not want to think about it. However, estate planning is extremely important to ensure that your wishes for what you leave behind are fulfilled. There are many elements of estate planning that must be considered and various legal documents that must be completed properly in order for your wishes to be carried out.

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A 50/50 Plan May be In the Best Interest of the Child

Establishing a 50/50 parenting plan can be a vital part of developing a meaningful relationship with your children following a separation or divorce.   A 50/50 parenting plan can assist in making sure that both parents are equally involved with the child’s needs and interests. While a 50/50 parenting plan can be created in a multitude of ways, often the best approach to establishing the schedule is by working with a legal professional.

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Custody Rulings After A Divorce or Separation

Divorce proceedings can be complicated, especially when there are children involved. Generally, the terms of a divorce or separation are decided by the parents on behalf of the child(ren), such as where they will live and attend school, as well as what religious beliefs (if any) will be practiced. If both parties cannot come to an agreement about the terms of custody, the court will be required to step in to make the final decisions.

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